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Military, Tactical & Hunter BDU Uniforms

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General Fabric Descriptions for BDU's

Enhanced 65% Polyester/35% Combed Cotton Rip-Stop Fabrics
This Comfortable Uniform fabric achieves excellent color fastness with durable strength properties and is created for tactical use.  The Enhanced Rip-Stop fabric is constructed of a 65%/35% Poly/Cotton that is attractive and made for all season wear.  The following are a few characteristics of why this fabric is the choice of America's Finest:

  • Comfortable
  • Wind Resistant
  • Durable and minimal damage if snagged
  • Repairable with little noticeability
  • Minimal shrinkage from multiple washings
  • Quick drying
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Fade Resistant Colorfast material

100% Cotton Rip-Stop Fabrics
This Rip-Stop fabric is constructed of a breathable medium weight cotton Rip-Stop weave and is very comfortable.  All cotton rich products have the characteristic of fading quickly.  Purchase this product if fading is acceptable or desirable and colorfastness is not a concern.

60% Cotton/40% Polyester Twill Fabrics
Our heavy weight Poly/Cotton Twill fabrics are made for long life and tough enough for the most rugged job.  You will have years of use from this outstanding performance tested product.

50% Nylon/50% Cotton Rip Stop
Made for US Military Specifications MIL-C-44048G and MIL-T-44047E, our Nyco Rip-Stop fabric is used for our current US Military Issue BDU Coats and Trousers.  This material has nearly identical properties to our Enhanced Poly Cotton Rip-Stop fabric.

Tennessee Outfitters offers BDU coats and trousers that are made by Tru Spec, Rothco and Propper International.  BDU's are not just for military, public safety and hunting.  Use them in any application where durability, utility and comfort would be desirable: casual wear, construction, hiking, camping, boating or just plain lounging around the house.  Keep a set in your disaster kits as an emergency change of clothing.  Perfect for yard work, airsoft and paintball, but not necessarily in that order.  As trousers, they are lighter and dry quicker than blue jeans, and you can wear them places where jeans don't pass the dress code.  We haven't been able to find a situation where BDU's are inappropriate, so we just wear them all the time around here.  We use them for golfing, shooting, bowling and mountain biking.  Going out to the Grand Ole Opry or a night on the town?  Wear your BDU's.  Got plans to get married, divorced or buried?  Wear your BDU's.  If you do or do not want to make a fashion statement?  Wear your BDU's!

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